All in one Deck and Card Management System

Know what cards you have and where they are at any time, anywhere
Track your cards by Sets, Libraries and Decks
Track deck history and personal comments, print deck lists for tournaments
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MagicCardHub allows you to manage your collection and know exactly where your cards are

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Card Management

Know what cards you have and where they are anytime anywhere

Keep track of cards you have loaned or borrowed
Track your cards by set, library and deck


Whether you make decks for casual or tournament play, MagicCardHub will record all of your Deck information

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Deck Management

Arrange cards into decks for casual or tournament play. Keep track of the cards and the deck boxes they are in. Track Deck history with personal comments.

Create decks and have a pick list created for you so you know which locations to pick your deck from
Print Decklists or download in *.DEC format
Create Virtual Decks and create a wish list of what cards you need for that deck
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Where ever you keep your spare cards, a folder, shoe box, or paper bag MagicCardHub allows you to track time by creating a libary for each location

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Library Management

Set up unique library locations for easy tracking and storing of cards

Keep track of card movements by using a unique Chitty system
Keep track of cards loaned to friends, in decks, or in your library

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